Bringing consumers closer to their coffee

With over 2.5 billion cups of coffee consumed globally each day, it’s easy to forget each sip of coffee is the result of multiple steps, countless people and a complex supply chain. De’Longhi, known for providing daily moments of pleasure with their espresso and bean-to-cup coffee machines, wanted to recognise the journey a coffee goes through, bridging the gap between consumers and their coffee.

Taking steps in the right direction

The challenge

De’Longhi wanted to bring consumers closer to their coffee, empowering them to make better-informed coffee decisions and offering insight into the journey behind every sip. They also wanted to share their wider efforts to build a more sustainable coffee sector, including partnering with organisations to tackle urgent challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change and farmer livelihoods.


Building consumer engagement

The solution

Flag helped De’Longhi articulate their coffee sustainability manifesto via clear and engaging messaging, creative concepts and strategic communications. We developed a consumer-facing video introducing the manifesto, along with a series of teaser videos and accompanying resources that support De’Longhi’s internal teams with ongoing consumer engagement.

The big reveal

The result

De’Longhi built interest in their manifesto by releasing teaser videos across their global social media channels in the days leading up to launch. This culminated on International Coffee Day 2022, when De’Longhi revealed their full sustainability manifesto video and refreshed web page to consumers.

Screenshots of the Instagram posts with the video teasers

From the get-go Flag has demonstrated a thorough understanding of our needs. They have infused a deep level of expertise into their work, which helped shape the entire sustainability strategy for the De’Longhi brand. It was a pleasure working with the team.

Zeno Adami Brand Marketing Director, De’Longhi

What we did

  • Communications strategy and consultancy
  • Creative concept, visual identity and messaging
  • Video concept and production
  • Social media strategy and content
  • Project management

About De’Longhi

De’Longhi is the global leader in espresso products and bean-to-cup coffee machines, based in Treviso, Italy. They offer consumers innovative products combining style and performance and are among the world leaders in coffee machine production.