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Spotting greenwashing: Protect your company

Learn to navigate the complex world of sustainability communications and avoid greenwashing traps. In this article, we share essential tips and strategies to promote authentic ESG efforts, build consumer trust and ensure compliance in the face of ever-changing regulations. Discover the key to transparent, meaningful and responsible brand messaging.

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Bad business? The politicisation of ESG

The culture wars raging around ESG issues show little sign of abating. Amidst increasing scrutiny and divergence of expectations, businesses must equip themselves with the tools and partners to navigate this uncertainty. But how can businesses transcend political ideologies and debates? And is ESG really ‘bad business’?

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Breaking barriers: How good DEIB reporting can drive performance

Workplaces are evolving rapidly, and businesses must adapt to keep pace while continuing to meet the needs and expectations of employees, consumers and regulators. With Flag's diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) guide, learn how the landscape of DEIB strategy and reporting best practices is changing.

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The power of story

Reporting requirements and frameworks are reshaping the landscape of ESG disclosure. But while compliance remains a priority, ESG reports must continue to serve as powerful tools for communication and engagement.

Let’s not forget the story: the importance of narrative in a compliance-driven world.

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Why championing biodiversity creates value

In September 2023, the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) released their finalised biodiversity reporting framework. We explore how businesses can address nature-related risks and align with the new disclosure.

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Understanding risks and impact: A double take on materiality

As the ESG reporting landscape evolves and investors and regulators demand a more comprehensive view of business impacts, understanding the concept of double materiality is crucial. Learn how your company’s impacts on the economy, environment and people affect operational and financial risk, and how a double materiality assessment can enhance your ESG strategy, compliance and reporting efforts.

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How do you stay authentic when you’re at the start of your sustainability journey?

Embarking on a sustainability journey may seem daunting, but communicating your efforts genuinely and effectively is important if you want to build trust, credibility and loyalty. From avoiding greenwashing and exaggeration to prioritising stakeholder concerns and acknowledging where the gaps are, our expert copywriters offer their top tips for crafting authentic sustainability communications.

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