An alliance for good

Flag partnered with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste on two key projects: a report to commemorate the first anniversary of the organisation’s launch, followed by a Progress Report published in September 2020.

Keeping the message alive despite the pandemic

The challenge

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste connects leading companies around the world with non-governmental organisations, creating projects designed to specifically tackle plastic waste issues.

Flag worked with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste twice in under 12 months. However, to some extent, these reports come from two different eras. The world in which the Alliance celebrated its first anniversary in January 2020 was not the same as the one in which the Progress Report was released. The Alliance sought to show that actual progress had been made, despite the additional global obstacles that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporting on change

The process

Flag worked with the Alliance during the creation of the Anniversary Report, which enabled us to take on a more active role during the Progress Report. Both reports required ongoing dialogue – initially with the team steering the Alliance, and then extending to contact with the people making change happen through innovative solutions in projects around the world.

Progress report cover An example page inside the report
An example page inside the report An example page inside the report

The power of partnership

The solution

Flag built a strong team with the Alliance from the inception of each report: from initial design to content planning; from interviews with the people involved and affected by the projects to producing engaging content; and from listening and understanding complex strategy to finding the right approach to making this strategy accessible to a wider audience.

Thanks to our expertise and strong relationships, we produced two visually appealing documents that invite readers to get to know more about an alliance and an incredible mission that will have a lasting impact for us all.

What we did

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Creative and concept design
  • Print design and artwork
  • Production and project management

About the Alliance to End Plastic Waste

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is a non-profit organisation founded by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to help find practical solutions to tackle the issue of plastic waste entering the ocean. Since its launch in 2019, nearly 50 companies across the plastics value chain have joined the Alliance, committing to invest US$1.5 billion towards solutions that will prevent the leakage of as well as recover and create value from plastic waste. For more information go to the Alliance to End Plastic Waste website.