Financing the development of the future

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Invest is a subsidiary company of the IDB Group that focuses on funding high-impact development projects for companies operating in the private sector. Its aim is to be the partner of choice for private enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean and to enhance the economic, social and environmental development of this region.

Aligning to leading frameworks

The challenge

IDB Invest reached out to Flag with the goal of reporting its positive impact in Latin America and the Caribbean. The objective was to provide a Sustainability Report to funders, governments and employees, demonstrating how development financing is benefiting the region. To align with its parent company, IDB Invest also provided disclosures against the GRI Standards in a separate GRI index.

Identifying and addressing material issues

The process

To prepare the foundation of this first report, Flag identified IDB Invest’s material issues, which included conducting interviews, detailed research and a consensus-building workshop with key senior stakeholders.

Our Process: 1. We identified a long list of issues. 2. We engaged internally. 3. We collectively ranked the shortlisted issues. Ciudad Bolivar, Bogotá Colombia
A laptop screen showing IDB Invest's first sustainability report

Reaching stakeholders, crossing barriers

The solution

Based on our conclusions, we created a content plan around these material issues to structure the report. We developed the copy and design for the Sustainability Report and GRI index, producing an additional Spanish version of both reports to reach IDB Invest’s key Spanish-speaking audience.

Our work with IDB Invest also enabled us to create a messaging framework to help guide IDB Invest’s vision: Scaling for Impact. This framework articulates in one concise document how IDB Invest defines impact investing.

What we did

  • Consultancy, communications and production management
  • Grouping and defining of material issues
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Copywriting
  • Artwork production
  • Design of GRI index and Sustainability Report
  • Copywriting and design of IDB Invest’s Sustainability Report 2022 landing web page
  • Quality checking throughout and proofreading
  • Typesetting of Spanish versions of document and reviews

About IDB Invest

By tailoring financial solutions to the specific needs of its clients, IDB Invest helps companies achieve their sustainability and financial goals, advancing the economic, environmental and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean.